Vladan Milić

Vladan Milić / Владан Милић (Kragujevac, September 22, 1985) is a Serbian movie, theater, TV and voice actor.

He graduated acting at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade in 2008, in prof. Dragan Petrović Pele's class. He is a permanent member of Belgrade Drama Theater since 2012.

Dubbing studios

Voice roles


Dubbing year Movie/series Character(s)
2008 Dumbo (TV dub) Specks
2010 Phineas and Ferb Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Carl, Jeremy Johnson, Buford van Stomm
2011 Chicken Little (TV dub) Mr. Woolensworth, Principal Fetchit, Dog Announcer,
Alien Cop, Hollywood Fish
2012 Cars (TV dub) Mack
2013 Ratatouille (TV dub) Emile, Talon Labarthe
2013 The Fox and the Hound (TV dub) Dinky
2017 Beauty and the Beast (2017) additional voices
2017 Toy Story That Time Forgot Ray-Gon


Dubbing year Movie/series Character(s)
2010 Deltora Quest Fallow, Dain
2010-2011 Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch Ishibashi
2011-2014 Ben & Holly's Little Kingdom Mr. Elf
2011-2013 Lego Ninjago Pythor P. Chumsworth
2011 Viva Piñata (Loudworks) Hudson Horstachio
2012 Angel's Friends Andrew, Gabe
2012-2013 Beyblade: Metal Saga Bao, Nile
2012-2013 Gokujou!! Mecha Mote Iinchou Namito Nagumo, Reita
2013 It's a Big Big World Wartz
2013 Legends of Chima Cragger
2013 Le Petit Prince (Loudworks) additional voices
2013 Wakfu
2014 Maya the Bee Deez